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port forward worked, then stoped after reboot


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i went through all the steps in the guides to optimize speeds.

(wierd side note: i enabled Upnp services in Utorrent and on my router and i was still getting NAT problem)

after i manually forwarded the port, i got the green dot. (i left UPNP on)

after a reboot utorrent is reporting nat fail again with the red dot. port is still forwarded on the router. tcp/ip properties are just as i left them for the static ip.

i tried disabling upnp in utorrent and on router. still nat problem.

my speeds seem to be ok. they fluctuate greatly between 15 and 100k. will resolving the nat problem make the speeds more consistent?

what else should i try?



homemade 2.4 tbird w/ lotsacrap and too little wattage.

linksys befw11s4

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