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Force Re-recheck almost always gives 99.9%


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For quite some time now, after completing a torrent and then using the force recheck option, the recheck will almost always give a 99.8-99.9% complete, usually with around 1 piece needing redownloaded per gb. Then utorrent redownloads the necessary pieces and it goes to 100% again.

The thing that really strikes me as strange though, is that while I'm seeding, doing another force recheck say 2 weeks later will again give 99.9%, so if something is actually degrading that quickly over time, while merely seeding, I'm worried. Doing a recheck and then another right away works fine though.

And yes, I always look at where the pieces are that need redownloading, and they are *not* anything like a thumbs.db etc, it's always a random piece in what I'm positive should be one of the static parts.

Anybody have any ideas? Obviously some sort of HD problem comes to mind, but if it truely was that bad I would think I'd have seen it crop up somewhere else by now, and I use this machine daily, play WoW etc, with no trouble at all. All the HD/fs checks I've run etc come out fine. I've also never had any trouble with any torrent downloaded (rechecked or no) which leads me to suspect that any problem couldn't be that bad.

Aside from suspecting the HD, I would guess that either the recheck algo is flawed (not likely) or stressful to the point where my machine gets a little flakey and screwes up on the occasional block. Or there could be some sort of rogue process touching my files... ewww.

Thoughts, or possible tests to check things further?

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Seems to affect all types of files, not just media. In particular I recently saw this occur with several large patches I was seeding (size ranging from 100MB-2GB).

After my post I played around with it a bit, and I'm leaning more towards the flakey cpu theory. Running md5sum on the 99.9% and "fixed" 100% data files produces the same result (I had one ready to look at, it was what prompted me to post), meaning there doesn't seem to be a problem in the first place.

Although like I said nothing else on my system would lead me to suspect it, I do a fair amount of video editing/encoding, gaming, work, etc and haven't had any trouble. Still certainly possible though.

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