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Help! ¿wrong menu identifier?


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Hello everybody;

I hope thet somebody can give me a hand with this. Until now my U Torrent dowloaded normally the files. Now when I click on the final stage of download there is a message: "Invalid menu identifier" (in Spanish:"El identificador del menu no es válido). I installed U Torrent on a friend's computer (previously I had uninstalled Bittorrent) and the same problem arose. I also got the message "Unable to map UPnP port". Now I tried to go on dowloading torrents with programs as Bitspirit,Azureus, Bittorrent. But no success. I heard of a program called ¿Exent? but couldn't get it (the spelling has to be wrong).

I should be really grateful if someone could help me.

Thank you very much in advance.


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