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WNR834B (New Wireless N Router) Slowdown Issue


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I just upgraded my old router to the a model WNR834B Wireless N Router from Netgear and everytime I use bittorrent it slows my internet to a crawl. Speed on the torrent is good but everyone on my network cannot even access the internet. Here's my setup:

-10 total connections (7 in a workgroup switch which is up-linked to the router, 3 in the router itself including mine)

-Mediacom Internet @ 10mbps

-UPnP disabled and manual port forwarding used on 50222

-local ip set to mine (

-local ip bound to the same

-local port outgoing bound to to 50222

-SP2 Firewall off

-DHT disabled

P.S. It doesn't matter how fast the torrent is downloading as long as it is going at least 1.0kBps the entire network has speed problems. Can anyone help?

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