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questions about status and changing folder names


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What does the status for a torrent "checked X%" mean (X = a number)?

If I want to change the name of the folder that I usually save my downloads in, what do I need to change in my preferences to transition smoothly? Will changing locations of files on my computer affect seeding? How do I move music files around so that the integrity of seeding and downloading activities are maintained?

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- Stop the torrent

- Move the files

- Right click the torrent in the list, Advanced > Set download location

- Point µTorrent to the new location

- Right click the torrent in the list, Force Re-check

- After it's done, start the torrent

Checked X% means µTorrent... checked X% of all the data so far. When it reaches 100%, then µTorrent has checked all the data, and knows what is missing and what isn't. If you have all of the data, then it'll start seeding immediately after you start the torrent (after the recheck).

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