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uTorrent thinks its finished after a crash. Recheck thinks so too...


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Is there any other way for me to have uTorrent recheck a torrent than 'force recheck'? Because that seems to think I've completed a download that is definitely not complete.

Here's what happened more specifically:

uTorrent 1.6 running great for 3 straight days, but then I get overly ambitious and run too many programs at once, resulting in a meltdown.

"No Problem" I think.

I restart, and restart uTorrent. It automatically does a recheck, and to my horror declares that the 6gb file is finished.

"Wow, that's cool that uTorrent downloaded 4GB's for me while the computer was rebooting!"

I do a search here and find that 'Force Recheck' is the magical cure for all ailments of this type, but alas, recheck tells me what it did the first time: "100% done! I'm going to start seeding this as complete!"

"Er, No"

So, is there another way to force a recheck of all downloaded parts? Or am I stuck having to redo 3 days of downloading because of a reboot? I would have thought that torrents would be mildly impervious to this kind of thing. Am I wrong?

Thanks for any help you might offer,


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Thanks Ultima, those are good sounding ideas which I'll try next time. I restarted the whole thing and am back where I was when I posted the above (30% of 6gb).

Can you tell me in what circumstances uTorrent loses its 'parts' list and/or the parts themselves? I've read that if you re=check the file the current parts are discarded if incomplete.

Thanks again,


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