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Speed problem & Internet Connection Very slow


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i have the following problem:

normaly i have a download rate about 200KB

and a Upload rate about 50KB (hard set)

when i change the Upload to Unlimited or 250KB the Download rate will fall to 150KB

my Connection is 16mBit down and 2,5mBit Up.

i checked all steps from the Speed Manual but there is no realy effekt.

Router is a DLink 604v2 for testing my PC is in the DMZ.

Any idea whats wrong?

the other BIG PROBLEM i have is when i start µTorrent the complete internet is very slow on all Clients in my network, sites like google need ~20seconds to load all (-g- the one) image... so for the other clients it is imposible to surf on the net while µtorrent is startet (but traffic is down 10%down and 20%up from my complete internet speed)

number of torrents are allways about 20.

EDIT: TCP/IP is patched (50 connections)

i hope anyone can help me.

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- Global max number of connections 500

- Max number of connected peers per torrent 100

- Number of upload slots per torrent 8

- use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% (is checked)

- Enable DHT Network (checked)

- Ask tracker for scrape information (checked)

- Enable DHT for new torrents (checked)

- Enable Peer Exchange (checked)

- IP/Hostname to report to tracker (empty)

Protocol Encryption

- Outgoing = Enabled

- Allow incoming legancy connections (checked)

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Look. You are allowing 500 global connections for usual 20 torrents, that means statisticaly only 25 connections per torrent. Yet you allow them in settings 100. Not good, this can result in too big connection rotation (and thus permament using the half-open limit).

Besides, 20 simultaneous torrents is overkill anyway. Why do you download so many of them simultaneously?? This definitely won't give you better speeds, just contrary - only worse, and network problems.

Let's try it easy for begining - get the settings from speed guide for xx/512. Don't increase number of active torrents! If network starts working properly (you don't have to wait 20s for google etc) then try to go up with another speed guide settings (up to the xx/2Mbit). If not, well... but I really think your network will start to work better.

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D-Link routers as a general rule perform VERY poorly with DMZ enabled for forwarding and WORSE still if DHT is enabled in µTorrent.

It is better to use manual port forwarding on the router for the 1 port µTorrent needs...and only forward TCP, not UDP -- as DHT probably should be disabled.

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