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Downloads start then stop...PLEASES HELP!!!!!!


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Hi everyone,

I'm on a cable modem and have been using utorrent for a while now and have not had too many problems until recently. A few days ago I followed one of those 'make utorrent downloads run at their best speed' guides and switched up the settings (global connections, upload slots, encrypting, etc). I didn't get much success because most of my downloads wouldn't start or would start, go extremely slow, and then stop. I couldn't remember what my settings were before I had followed this guide so I asked a friend what his settings are and just put those in. My downloads started to work again, but a certain trend has kept reucurrinng: After going about anywhere from70-180 kBps and getting to the download to about 70-80%, the download slows down dramatically then stops completely. Once this happens, the rest of my torrents follow.

I have tried unstillaing then reinstalling utorrent in hopes of restoring the default settings to switch everything I might have done, but it just reloads my settings to the way before.

Also, I have noticed that I keep getting the "No incoming connections" with the little "!" at the bottom and have no idea how to fix this. Am I being blocked?

I'm sorry if I'm unclear; I'm not very good when it comes to computer technicalities, so please let me know if there's anything I might need to provide to help making my situation a little clearer.

If ANY HELP is available, I would greatly appreciate it.



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