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μtorrent terminatting connection after a while


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hey guys, μ torrent is terminnating my connection after some time of use. i have check it several times. when i'm using μtorrent after 20 mins, 40mins, 1 h,.. doesn't matter, the internet connection is terminatted. meaning that the tray is on but no dl or ul. no speed at all. also i can;t terminate my connection my self cause i can't open the connection tray window. it crashes. finally i can;t reboot my pc. this happens every time i have Μtorrent running. when i'm online without torrent everything lows normally. any advise will be usefull. thanx and happy new year!!

i'm using p4 @ 3ghz with 512 ram, xp pro sp2 and 1.6 μtorrent

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