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Cant open.torrent file Error message


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u torrent had been working fine. Then I logged off. Now when I log back on I get the message Cant open.torrent file :D etc etc. I know that the files are actually stored in my :e drive. So its looking in the wrong place. How do I change this? It is set to store them in the :e under the downloads menu.

If this helps.When I first set it up weeks ago I had them going to my :D drive but found there was insufficient disc space so I copied all files over to my :e drive with the same folder name etc. Then changed the drive letter under the downloads menu. It all worked fine.

Help please



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In that case, I suppose you can try opening resume.dat in a hex editor and change all instances of D: to E: for the paths to .torrent files (don't get it confused with paths to where the torrent contents are saved -- those shouldn't be modified). Make sure you make a backup of resume.dat in case that idea goes wrong ;o

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