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uTorrent connecting to utorrent.com on port 6881?


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It always does this and it always spams my firewall log...

Why does uTorrent connect to uTorrent.com on port 6881?



auto update maybe? but who on port 6881 thats the default bt port.

turned automatic updates off and it still connects to that port.

to let the devs know how many clients excist? why that port? and where can i turn it off? I'm not letting it pass my firewall until ik now what it does..

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ahh thanks that clears things up :)

I never used DHT so i didn't notice it working.

But shouldn't it be that the DHT port used the same as the one forwarded else that would just cause issues forwarding or it would mean everyone will have to forward UDP/6881 if they want to use DHT

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