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Utorrent not connecting to seeds or peers


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hey guys

Ive had utorrent for a while and everything was working perfectly fine , Except for last night when I realised that my torrnet speed is stuck at 0.0kb/s all my torrents are connected to the trackers but I wasnt connected to any Seeds Or Peers , I tried a lot of different torrents hoping one of them would work but non did , I tried to think what I recently changed but I didnt change anything at all , except I did some spyware adaware scans and deleted them . Any idea what could be causing this ? Im not connected to even one peer or one seed and I have 3 torrents running .

Thanks in advance

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I'm new to uTorrent and I got it yesterday, but last night I downloaded one torrent, but nothing else would connect. Maybe my settings aren't right?

I used to use BitComet before it screwed up and I opened all the torrents that hadn't finished from the BitComet torrent folder. Would that have any effect?

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Nopes opening the same torrents from the Bitcomet folder shouldnt cause any problems , as far as I know

But maybe your settings arent right

make sure you port forward and limit your upload speed

BTW Ive noticed that utorrent and bitcomet are very conflicting when used on the same computer

on my current laptop Utorrent works best , bitcomet dosent even connect on it , on the other hand my other computer dosent run utorrent correctly even when I have the settings done .

Look around on the forum and the speeds section you should find some good guides

wat went wrong with ur bitcomet ?

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It works fine, but every time I close the program the torrent list disappears. So I have to open my torrents every time I open BitComet. It gets pretty annoying.


I just opened uTorrent again and one torrent has connected, but it's download speed it pretty low. Less than one Kb with over 100 seeders. Somethings wrong there.

I'm going to go through the speed guide in uTorrent to see if it fixes the problem.

Edit #2

Found my problem. The port thats supposed to connect me to my peers isn't open. Finding a new port now. :]

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