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The Tutorial on PostForward.com is old, and I don't know what to do :(


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The Tutorial on PostForward.com is old, and I don't know what to do :(

I can't forward my ports properly and this is what I'm doing. Please help.

I'm using the modem: Actiontec MI424WR and the tutorial on PostForward.com is here.


Now I can follow the tutorial all the way up to "Click the Add link. " and once I click on the Add Link I see this picture.


Now to get to the spot where it shows a window similar to what it shows when it says "Add Service Ports", I click on "Add" right next to "Specify Protocol". Then I see a page called Edit Server. Here is a picture of that.


Then I change Service Name to uTorrent and click on "Add Service Ports" which brings me to this page. Here is a picture.


I changed the protocol to TCP just like the tutorial told me to do so, and finally, that brought me to this page. Here is a picture.


What should I change the source/destination ports to? I can change Single to Range or Any if I want to, but I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas? The port I'm using in uTorrent is 40737. UPNP is turned off, and I get a red circle with an exclamation point saying the port isn't forwarded properly.

Thank you.


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Hi Ronb,

I have the same modem/router as you (on Verizon FIOS) and until about 5 seconds ago, I was getting either the red circle, or the yellow triangle. and every time I would use the speed guide to test my port it would say closed.

So I just took Ultima's suggestion, and clicked "Exclude" on the source port, entered the correct port in the destination port, and now I'm getting the green circle. My down speed jumped dramatically as soon as I changed it over!

Hope this helps, and thanks to Ultima for the suggestion!


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