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Websites take for ever when Utorrent open


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ok so here's the deal been a long time user of utorrent, had no major problems until now. i just got new router i set it up followed all the guides and evething and no problems. the only thing is that when utorrent is running websites take like 10-30 sec to load. AT this moment im writing i have utorrent running on my desktop i try to go to another website on my desktop it load slowly. i used to use utorrent and surf the web with no problems before. u torrent always ran in the background and the websites loaded normaly, but i duont know what happned that is causing this problem. i have tried to disconnect all other computer from the router so that there is only one connected but makes no difference. it feels as if im on dial up when u torrent is running

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well im been going trough all the post and followed your guide








- Ran the Speed Guide (Ctrl+G in µTorrent) properly?

done (used the utorrent connection guide)

- Disabled IP resolving in the Peers tab?


- Restarted µTorrent after disabling DHT?


- Try disabling UPnP?

when i do this i get a red bot at the bottom of the screen (i have UpnP enable in my router)

- What firewall are you using, and have you tried uninstalling it?

no but i disabled it and turned eveything off

- Tried lowering the global maximum number of connections to 200? 100? 50?

its a 50 right now (seems that the torrents speed have decreased)

well if the global maxium number of connectio is set to 50

what number should "Maxium number of connected peers per torrent" (right now its at 80)

wht number should "Number of upload slots per torrent" (right now its at 4

- Lowering net.max_halfopen to 4?

did that

- Patched TCPIP.SYS and restarted the computer after patching (this assumes you run Windows XP w/SP2!)?

patched it to 50

- Restarted the router after doing any of the above?


- Connect directly to the modem to make sure it's not your router?

ill try that in the morning

- If turns out that it's not the router, what modem are you using?

well it seems to be a lot better now pages are loading a bit faster now, but still not the same as it used to be, be all setting were at the default level and all i had to do was do was the connection setup guide http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php. but i have to say will this deacrease my download speeds in utorrent?, and will this work out if i have utorrent running on more then 1 machine?

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ok well i always used these setting before had no problems. when i do the speed guide i turn off anything that is using the internet and run the test on http://www.abeltronica.com/velocimetro/pt/?idioma=uk&newlang=uk and i get a upload speed of 357.44 kbps with that i follow the other steps on the connection guide. if im doing anything wrong could you please tell me excatly waht to change.


DOWNLOAD: 4261.76 kbps

532.72 KBps


UPLOAD: 357.28kbps


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I'm not going to immediately place the blame on Rogers, but I just want to point out that they're known to throttle very hard on BitTorrent traffic.

Also... did you restart your computer? My sticky said to restart your computer, modem, and router, not just router (which is the only thing you've said you restarted so far).

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its better now then before and im able to go to sites and they load faster then before, but if utorrent is running on both machines it goes back to the same place.

Yes everthing has been restarted

but why is this happning now i have had no problems before.

would it help if i get screenshots of my router configurations, just to note i have the Trendnet TEW-452BRP 108 Mbps 802.11g

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Which is NOT what you're supposed to have it configured to be. If you only have a single pie, and 2 people want to eat it, you're not going to give a second (nonexistent) pie to that other person to eat, you're going to divide that single pie you have in half. Same idea here -- your connection's not going to magically have 88KiB/s of upload speed to give when you're paying for 44KiB/s just because you have 2 computers on your network.

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well, i just deleted the settings and reconfigured them and it working now, i just set the max upload to 17 and maxium number of connection is set to 200, but what i would like to know is that if i have the max upload set to 17 wouldnt that decrease the download speed and wouldnt that just make me a leacher. ohh and i would just like to point out that before i makde this topic utorrent was running on 1 machine and the websites were still loading slowly.

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Leechers don't share back to a decent ratio (close to or above 1.0). Good peers don't necessarily have to have good upload speeds -- I upload at 15KiB/s because my maximum upload speed is 46KiB/s where I have 5 other computers on my network at any given time, at least one of them using BitTorrent at any given time. I still manage to share back to almost 2.0 ratio.

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maybe it's just me, but isn't any one else thinking that the settings are totally nuts?

Global max conns 50, but yet per torrent 80!

and running 10 torrents at once and giving every one 4 uploadslots?!

These are just pure insane settings on a ~350 kilobitspersecond uploadline!!!!

What is so hard to press CTRL+G and choose the right value?!

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