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Everything is fine, but my speeds NEVER go up.


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I'm in the UK, using an 8Mbit connection. My area can only go up to 7.5Mbit, depending on the time of day (varies between 6.5Mbit and 7.5Mbit)

My service provider clearly state AND confirmed that they do NOT stop/slow down peer2peer downloads.

On other plain peer2peer programs, i get connections up to 3.1Mbit/s (387.5 kiloBYTES/s), meaning i can download something like a 700 MB film within 40 minutes, which is GREAT speed.

Also, when I download from browsers, my speed can go up to 680kBYTES/s (Roughly 5.4Mbit/s)

Now. My uTorrent connects fine: the port it fine and I have a Green Icon which means all systems go.

I didn't really know how to set up my connection through the SPEED GUIDE, because it only has between 2Mbit and 10Mbit. I'm in-between, so i took 10Mbit. I made a few minor adjustments so that it's roughly in the area of 7.5Mbit settings:

I lowered the GLOBAL CONNECTIONS to 700

Maximum Connected Peers Per Torrent: 110

Number of Upload Slots: 20

Download Rate: 0 (Unlimited)

Upload Rate: 50kBytes/s (I CAN only upload to a maximum of 50kBytes/s)

Number of Active Torrents: 5

Number of Active Downloads: 15

What I'm trying to say is, no matter how many TRUE Seeds and Peers my torrent has and no matter how many it connects to (e.g. 50(2998) Seeds and 49(4450) Peers, which is GREAT) it still doesn't download fast. I expect my uTorrent to download at AT LEAST 300kBYTES/s, but instead, it always stays between 12.5 and 52kBytes/s.

Sometimes when I'm lucky, it shoots up to 100Kbytes/s and sometimes even 220Kbytes/s, but that's only a sudden burst and comes down more often than it goes up.

My firewall is set to COMPLETELY support uTorrent on SUPER level, with everything allowed and connections all allowed. My windows firewall is always turned off, so i don't even bother tweaking it, except for allowing the 'DESTINATION UNREACHABLE' thing that uTorrent suggests.

What can be the problem? My friend in South Africa uses the exact same settings and firewall stuff that I do, only with a slower connection, but his uTorrent downloads at top speed (the highest speed his connection allows)

I can't believe that i'm connected to hundreds of seeds and peers from across the globe and not one can give me a decent download rate!


E-Mail: oubaassehonne@hotmail.com

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P.S. - I went to some "office" site with a torrent that had about 130 seeds and 3 peers. Some forum here states that if that downloads fast, then it's individual torrent swarms that are broken.

Well, the "office" thing sped up to 570 KBps, which means there's a problem with ALL my other torrents. But i still don't get it - a torrent with 1000 seeds and 4000 peers - it only connects to about 5 seeds (doesn't even download from them) and 60 peers (slow downloads, prob cuz they don't have the file particular file my torrent needs) downloads SO SLOWLY!!! I don't get it!?!?

My torrent is not fake either. The availability is 7.999. Everyone says that it is FAKE when it's under 1.0, which it is not. WHAT'S WRONG?!?!? Why doesn't it connect to many seeds when they ARE THERE?

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