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Individual Torrent Scheduling


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G'day all,

I would like to request the feature of individual torrent scheduling...

My particular internet plan (and many others' im sure) includes a download limit for On peak and Off peak data. On peak data counting between 6am -> 12am and Off peak data between 12am -> 6am. I have 10gb On peak & 10gb off peak. I obviously go throuhg my On peak download very quickly and would like to take more advantage of the off peak.

In addition to this my internt plan has the option that if i download from certain peers/sources the data transferred between us does not count towards my monthly download limit. To take advantage of this there are certain trackers that have been setup to only allow 'free' peers to connect to and transfer data between one another so we essentially have unlimited downloads from certain torrents.

Because of this I leave uTorrent on and open almost 24/7. But i also still download from international trackers. With individual torrent scheduling I would like the ability to schedule internation torrents to download primarily between 12am-6am and the 'free' torrents i have access to to download all the time.

Well, I hope you got all that and if anything can be done it'd be appreciated. If not, i only wasted a couple of mins writing this so who cares.

- poinda

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There is a workaround that would work particularly well for you. Just have two instances of uTorrent running. One has all your international torrents (scheduled to your liking) and the other the free ones. Voilá!

Now you see the advantage of being so low on resources, heh? :D

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