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Problem that I do not understand


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Hi, I know you should see that kind of things all time, but I had read through all I could and did not see why I am having such problem.

First of all, my specs:

Cable modem motorola, no routing, direct connected to my PC by USB, winXP SP2, Zonelabs freee firewall and norton 2k6 AV.

Well, my problem is that I always fought with norton, but I always gave a way to work fine, now I dont know why, but all my torrents are getting the red arrow in front of them, the weirdest is that the port is ok, I even pluged off the "worms block" on norton, but I dont know why all mine torrents get red, despite the port working or not. I always used port 55, because is in my exceptions on norton and ZA, and worked fine in aLL torrents, no exception.

What should I do? The trouble is that this way I do not contabilize ratio and use to get low peers/seeds

Thanks in advance

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