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New to P2P..worried about being sued


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as the title suggests Im new to P2P. I just downloaded uTorrent today. I was reading that people are getting sued for downloading videos and music.

One suggestion I read was to turn off file sharing, but that seems to be frowned upon?

I really dont understand how the whole thing works.

Any suggestions on how to protect myself would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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There really is no way to protect yourself, as BitTorrent wasn't designed to obfuscate one's IP address while sharing. Some people might suggest that you use PeerGuardian/ProtoWall, but I very-much doubt it'll help (people have still gotten threatening letters even with those IP blockers). You can always try those, but if you plan on downloading anything illicit, you're putting yourself at risk, no matter what you do.

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I have been enjoying movies,games etc...then the letter from my IP provider saying I have shared a movie from FOX "JUNO" so I wrote and told them I had taken the movie off my computer. Another, letter saying that was fine and don't do it again.

So, now what. this was a screener movie. so, stay awhile from them.

anyother advice?

I have windows vista and those bluetrack,trusty files,and some others say they don't work on Vista yet.


any suggestions would be appreciated


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