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Failed Hash Check ... can I turn this off?


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Here's my problem ... I've been trying finalise a download (EDIT: we don't need to know what you're downloading) that is currently 99.8% complete and it is currently only available by one person online it seems. However there are various "pieces" which obviously have an error in them (hence the failed hash check warning) and I cannot complete these pieces without uTorrent abandoning them altogether.

Since I don't think I'm able to contact this person directly for a correct version of these pieces (and maybe the hash's themselves are incorrect here), I was wondering if there is some way of disabling the hash check within uTorrent. I realise that this is a critical error-checking routine to ensure the integrity of every bit that is downloaded, but in this case I feel that I don't have another option. Because this is a DVD video-encoding, I'm hoping that there may not be a dire need for absolute 100% data correction.

If there is no conceivable way of bypassing some of the safety protocols of data transmission so that I may finally complete this, maybe someone knows where I can get a different torrent of this movie instead. Thanks.

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Is it not an option to either copy the folder you have the files to another location and burn to a DVDRW and see what its like, after stopping Utorrent of course.

Im assuming its not a massive file that is failing hash check, if it is you are stuck.

P.s - I would not bother requesting anything here, I would imagine its against the rules, and the title of the film itself would be classed as illegal warez.

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