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Seeds, speed and related Browser Issues


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When uTorrent is running, I have limited and sometimes no access to websites.

I have installed TCP Optimizer and enabled the optimum settings configuration

Ports are forwarded and working properly

On bit torrent sites where there are numerous seeds, program is not able to scrap any seeds ie. 0(3456) peers 35(5678)

Initially get very fast download speeds 100-300 kbps until the files are ~80% "done" then drops to .1 .2 - frustrating.

I'm missing something in my setups or perhaps problems with the bit torrent sites? Little help please.


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Those torrents that don't have connectable seeds are probably fake torrents.

However...if you have limited and sometimes no access to websites, then your settings are probably not optimal!

So, what's the speed of your connection both up and down?

Also, what settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

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Upload set at 75% of max on speed test

Download 75% of max

Have downloaded the TCPIS.SYS patch from site but my system immediately crashes when installed so not able to determine if the patch works or what the TCPIS set up is.

Turned my Firewall (eTrust) off; no change in speed so that is not the problem

Have been downloading other files and there were no issues. They are seeding properly

Have determined its probably the torrent file; crowded and unable to get seeds from the file or some other unknown issue.

Will contact the patch author to determine why patch is causing the shutdown/crash.

Thanks for the feedback.

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