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Internet Fluctuation


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Dear Readers,

As I hate getting the links to rework themselves.. I thought I would just post a link to where I originally posted this problem:


And the Speed Fluctuation seems to have fixed itself so my friend said it was probably Cable's Backbone or something dunno what that means. But yeah that seems fixed but now...

The DHT Status on uTorrent/ + Router seem to still be conflicting.. And I mentioned in that Post about me using OpenDNS and if that woudl affect it (Although it worked fine before I switched MotherBoards)

And since I have this problem with uTorrent i thought I would give this forum a try. Thank you.

PS: Random question but what does it mean when you get the Tracker Status: Failure: fout?

Thanks in advance. If you need more information just ask.

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That is the problem.. As I haven't touched ANY settings in my uTorrent since i replaced my MotherBoard. ANd I do have UPnP enabled and hmm disabling DHT... That I haven't tried.

Settings in Speed Guide:

(Reading from Down left to right)

Unlimited (As I only cap upload when I play games)






Port is random as I set it to that

And Encryption is Enabled

For the Advanced settings only thing that I changed(But again didn't touch after replacement of MotherBoard) are:

net.max_halfopen: 300

rss.update.interval: 5

bt.enable_tracker: True

diskio.sparse_files: True

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"fout" is dutch if i remember correctly and means failure, error and so.

Let me see:

you run 100 torrents active

with 450 global max connections and unlimited uploadspeed.

and 300 half open is useless since this value has nothing to do how fast you can download/upload.

If that is the case, than are "fluctuations" totally normal and expected if you are not running an intercontintal internet backbone fiber in your home.

your values are way to high!

what is your uplaodspeed of your cable modem?, and then choose that value in the drop down field!

and why are you running the built-in tracker in advanced if you on the other hand change the port each time you start µT? That makes no sense.

and to answer your question in the other thread: if you use random, then you must forward all the ports to µT. if you are able to do port forwarding by hand, you don't need UPnP.

But if you forward ALL the ports, then you have given up all the "aditional security" that a NAT device might have against worms for example.

Please READ the speed guide again and then choose the right value. And do not mess with advanced settings (300 half open conns for example) if you are not 100 % sure what they are for and how they affect your connection.

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You need to cap upload below your normal max even if nothing else is going on...or µTorrent can overload itself. This alone can explain many of your problems.

net.max_halfopen set to 300 is DEFINITELY excessive. Probably anything beyond 20 is really just silly, because making and breaking connections actually eats into overall download+upload speeds even if technically there should be extra bandwidth left over. TCP overheads are nasty when trying to make+maintain 100's of connections at once.

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  • 1 month later...

Bringing up the past but this problem has been fixed and ehh my Max Upload speed is just about 70kBps.

And now.. I still use Random Port on start-up but I pretty much have uTorrent on 24/7 so it doesn't switch to others that much unless I restart computer. So I guess the built-in Tracker is okay.

But now I switched my Halfopen to 40 according to Ultima.

So yeah things seem to be going alrights for now ^_^, thanks.

Just for information my Speed Guide Settings are currently set at:

512k Profile: as my rates from Speakeasy are:

Download Speed: 3860 kbps (482.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 566 kbps (70.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 57kB

Connections (per torrent): 90

Max Active Torrents: 3

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (global): 250

Max Active Downloads: 2

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