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Resuming torrents after reinstalling Windows XP


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Note: I've done a thorough search of these forms and found no threads which match my problem. The dilemma I will be explaining relates to uTorrent 1.6 with the WebUI installed.

Over the past few days I have been tampering with my PC's registry in order to boost system performance. However doing so has caused the exact opposite result. Currently all frequently used programs malfunction and I am constantly inundated with error messages.

It has been over two years since I last formatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows XP. Given that my system is already haywire, now is the perfect opportunity to start from scratch. I am currently in the process of backing up all my valuable data and this is where I have struck problems.

The only means I have to back up my important data is to burn it to a horde of 700 MB CD-Rs. At present I am downloading a few television series torrents. Each torrent weighs in at about 4.25 GB and contains about 20 .avi files.

What I plan to do is to stop each torrent, burn the incomplete files on to CDs and resume them after re-installing Windows XP. Is such a feat possible? Will a burning application such as Nero 5 allow burning incomplete files?

This brings me to my single most important question. What would I need to do in order to resume an incomplete torrent once I've re-installed Windows XP? After I copy the torrent folder back onto my fresh hard drive what would the next process be? What steps would I need to do before hand? Please think carefully before replying to this post. There is no rush. If you need any clarifications of my dilemma please ask. I thank you all in advance.



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