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Can't log in to DHT

Kazuaki Shimazaki

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Hi guys. It's been a while.

Anyway, after that recent earthquake in Taiwan, I have lost my access to the DHT network. Had no problems before that. Torrents are now going at creep rate (<10KB/s, though to be fair it was a weak one).

It is probably the earthquake cutting too many cables, but I decided to post here to check.

I'm worried about the possibility that our ISP in HK has seen fit to take this opportunity to impose a "temporary" (which may turn permanent) bandwidth restriction on torrent traffic - of the type certain ISPs (like Rogers) elsewhere had already implemented.

As it is, even if the network is fine I'm restraining from downloading things for the next few weeks so as not add to the crowd giving them an excuse to do just that...

Any other users of uTorrent (or even Mainline DHT in general) in HK? Anybody managing to log on?

Thank you.

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1> UDP Traffic needs to be allowed in firewalls for DHT to function.

2> (If DHT has worked before) Try adding torrents from http://opensource.depthstrike.com/?category=utorrent so that different DHT bootstrap (login) information can be tried.

3> Shut down uT, Remove dht.dat and dht.dat.old from %appdata%\utorrent and retry step 2.

1. It has worked before, and I don't even use real firewalls (I do have that wimpy XP firewall and Crossforspeed's firewalls up, but they never bothered me before).

2) Tried that. It locked onto precisely one node.

3) Just did that to be sure. Now it is saying "Waiting to log in". I've just readded the torrent. It says it acquired one node, again.

4) Just flushed the rest of my settings as well. Still not working...

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Here in SG we had excatly the same problem, mainline DHT took about 5 days to recover. You should wait a week more and see if comes back then as it takes time for ISPs to re-route traffic. as far as i know HK is quite badly affected as its major links to USA are cut.

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Well, I was thinking that. Then today I realized that BitComet and Azureus seem to have little problem logging into DHT (at least according to the displays). What's different about uTorrent? It uses the same Mainline DHT system as BitComet!

Right now, I'm locked onto the very grand total of 1 node (probably myself).

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