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red downward arrows


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HI i have a few problems.

i have already had my ports forwarded and my status bar is a green tick. i have followed ultima's guide to get faster speeds. i have windows xp and use a bt1800hg wireless router. my speed results are download - 1920kbps upload - 240kbps.

1. i have red downwards pointed arrows.

2. it seems that i cannot get a speed over 40kB/s for download and upload when connected to about 70 peers and 10 seeds is this normal.

3. i had one file downloading and i added 3 more files to be downloaded but they would not start downloading. however the first file is downloading at about a constant speed of about 20-30kB/s. i have been waiting for a few hours to get them downloading but it wouldnt even show how many peers and seeds there are. just (0) and (0). but yet the first is still downloading.

can ne1 help me please.

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