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I have not seen anything about setting up network cards. I have been reading and adjusting for days to get utorrent to dl/up faster. I am using a wireless modem(clearwire), no router, and ZA Pro. The fastest I have seen and only once was 150kb down load. But most of the time I stay 5-20kb and not connecting to a lot of peers or seeds(5 or less average)

today I was testing using OO and the best I could do was 34kb(20kb on average) with 36 seeders and connected to max of 10-15(only for short periods) but good connection with 5 or so.

The reason for my post was I made a change on my connection and BAM the DL went to 60kb+. Maybe this may be a fix for some or some may make comments about it.

Local Area Connection


Connect using > configure (network card)


Optimal performance = disable (was set for max performance)


I will further test to see if it makes a difference in the long term

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In my opinion, enabling optimal performance makes the adapter try to maximize the performance of the first application opened that accesses it, to the detriment of any others opened afterwards. It may even use driver settings that override any tweaks you have done to your system. When I enable it, it seems to be much harder to surf while downloading or to surf for tips while gaming. With the option disabled, the system seems to be better able to adjust to changing needs and moderate the flow more efficiently. Utorrent works better for me with it disabled even if it's the only app running.

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