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Conflict between WRT54G and ZA firewall, portforwarding help needed...


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PLEASE read this question in the FAQ... http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Special_not … GS_routers

You MUST replace the firmware and followed the instructions in this section of the FAQ before complaining about speed or connectivity problems.

These instructions don't work anymore on the WRT54G on version 6 (the DWWRT firmware) with any coming equipped with firmware version 1.00.9 and firmware version 1.01.0. I have tested several routers and the firmware mini and standard that is instructed to use will fail each and every time and you can never access the special firmware UI and finish the FAQ instructions. I have tried the firmware upgrade while online and offline using several independant firmware updaters designed to install the BIN file while offline. In each case it failed to upgrade the mini and standard generic and special WRT54G files. The only BIN file I found that worked was the linksys BIN file for firmware version 1.01.1. So by using the Linksys BIN file, I was able to upgrade, however I still can't correctly forward the uTorrent port (TCP/UDP). All Network IP addresses are in my ZA firewall's trusted zone. I don't know if I need do this on any other computer, unless I was to torrent from that computer. However, it should not effect my ability to torrent from this computer. So, all network IP's are in trusted zone, the uTorrent port is TCP/UDP at both the router (under port forwarding) and in the firewall under New Rules inside Program Control --> uTorrent.exe. However, the NAT test still fails and says that the port is closed. I use Earthlink, so I don't know if they are using a server side firewall that I can't access or not. All I know is I still get the yellow triangle in uTorrent's statusbar. I'm told that means no incoming connections and a problem with my network connection. Assuming that I followed PORTFORWARD instructions as given correctly (I think that I did, since I used PF utility to do this) and that information was correctly put into the firewall (Zone Alarm Internet Security) and I correctly have all network IP's inside my trusted zone, then what else is missing???? Also, I have queried the ZA forum for help on this because when Zone Alarm Internet Security is fully enabled using the program's default settings, it creates a conflict with my WRT54G ver. 6 router and it's ability to access the Linksys UI ( In a nutshell, when both are being used and are online, the UI refuses to show certain stuff along the left side and everything in both menubars across the top of UI (primary menu and child menu). When I temporarily disable the firewall and refresh the UI, then everything is OK. What setting changes would need amended to permit the Linksys router to coexist with the firewall up?

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