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Unable to map UPnP port


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I have read about the possible need for manual port forwarding, but I'm unclear how to approach this within my home network. I use utorrent on a Windows 98 SE system which connects to the internet using Windows ICS. The primary internet connection is a cable modem on a Windows XP system. My network is physically connected via a Linksys phonelink system. The XP system uses only the standard XP firewall; the 98 SE system has no primary firewall protection. I'm not sure if I have a router - I don't think so.

utorrent is working, but it is slow. I always have either a yellow or red warning light. The logger always reports "Unable to map UPnP port". The listening port remains 43493. utorrent is not installed on the XP machine which serves as the direct connection to the internet.

Is there anything I need to do with the 98 SE system which connects to the internet indirectly? Can this be corrected through firewall permissions on the XP system. Or, as described in the FAQ, do I manually forward port 43493 on the XP system?

Thanks in advance for helping me sort this out.

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qucik fix:

go into the next wal mart and buy for 29,95 a cheapo hardware router.

If you use that device instead of your Internet connection charing things are much easier.

IMO I would say, using ICS is much more troublesome and intimidating in our days for cheap routing hardware availiable.

(and you are saving money for the energy bill. (a tiny router is less demanding then a full powered xp PC that needs to be constantly on just to get your old 98 into the internet)

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