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all kinds of problems, PLEASE READ!!


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trying to port forward with my setup but the link from utorrent on how to forward (with matching models) does not help me.

this is my setup

a computer with ethernet...


a IMC miniMC media converter

does anyone have the same setup or can help me with port forwarding?

thanks in advance!

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I have worked with the speed setup, as you can see from my upload,

i get no error messages

how do you setup a static ip? only way i know is 192.168...and so on...its not working with my setup.

what directions are you refering to? i have no directions at all...

IMC miniMC media converter is the modem...

im not using any hard firwalls, just my windows is acting as a firewall.

see guys i moved into a house and it already has a built in network with these parts. the speeds are ridiculously fast (4mb download, 1.6mb upload) but with the ethernet and the setup...i can't port forward the utorrent.

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