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Linksys WRT54GS V.6 problems when using utorrent


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I've recently bought the Linksys WRT54GS because I was having random disconnects with my old BEFWRS11, especially when using bittorent (used to use Bitcomet).

The Linksys WRT54GS would randomly disconnect me when I'm downloading off both utorrent or bitcomet. My connection disconnects and the only thing that fixes it is a hard reboot for my router.

I have read the faq and found that my version is not affected by the connection issue that other models have but here are the things that I have done, but still utorrent disconnects.

- I have disabled upnp

- I have disabled DHT

- Limited the maximum global connections to 200

- Limited the maximum connections per task to 53

- Currently, my maximum tcp half open connections is set at 200

My firmware is the latest version, v1.51.0

Are there any other problems associated with this router that I am not aware of? Is this router unstable or unsuitable for bittorrent?

Which router are you guys using that is stable for bittorent? This is really ticking me off because it would disconnect about 3-4 times a day...

So if you guys can help me please help, I have googled for at least 5+ hours on this issue and tried various fixes but to no avail

Thanks in Advance!

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Well, after disabling upnp, I don't know what else I did but currently it's been 10 hours and i still haven't lost connection yet (*touch wood).

Anyways, I'm going to observe my router and leave my utorrent and downloads on for another day or 2 to see if its stable.

I also have mirc and msn on at the same time to test my connections... hopefully I won't have to return this router.

1 last question, is DHT safe? I mean, I've researched a bit and found that it actually connects to the bittorent company first and then finds other peers. And also, is it absolutely necessary to enable DHT? Do I get faster speeds? Because right now I have it disabled and so far my connection is stable (*touch wood)

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