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Increase upload speeds with client/local/OS traffic shaping?


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I have been trying out a cfosspeed 30 day trail ( http://www.cfos.de/speed/cfosspeed_e.htm) which is installed on my computer to provide traffic shaping ( packet throttling) to my net connection.

This is the good kind of traffic shaping, not the "bad" ISP kind. It purpose is to allow you to make the most effective/efficient use of your bandwidth. More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_shaping/ For example allow you to MAX out your torrents and still allow you to have a good web and email experence.

I think it has helped me improve my upload speed from 9 to 13kB/s on my 128kb/s (16KB/s) connection.

Has a client traffic shaping program made a difference for you?

Know of any free traffic shapping program for windows?

Know of a free program (Firewall?) with it as a feature?


I am also looking for a single program that provides firewall, ipfilter (peer Gardian/protowall), trafficshaper and a bandwidth scheduler with global and per program rules including speed limits download quotas.

p.s maximizing speed tips.

1. good client settings mini speed guide

2. help the swarm find each other http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=14261

3. use client side speed shaping to increase upload speed: to improve swarm health?

edit: more connection details

My xtra isp plan Max/128 Plan. (Max= As fast as your line will allow) My adsl router reports connection as 6112/160kbps.

Speed tests as 3500/127kbps

A net monitor I am using is reporting upload speed between 17.3 - 18.1 on a utorrent up limit of 13k. Utorrent is showing a smooth/flat red line at 13k.

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Re: maximizing speed tips

1. mini speed guide == extreme client settings ~= bad client settings != good client settings

2. doesn't really help speeds all that much ;\

3. possibly... but it doesn't work in LAN environments

Doesn't cFosSpeed do most of those things you're asking about...? Other than that, the closest thing I can think of is NetLimiter (not that great, probably bad), or a decent router.

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cfosspeed is not that bad, or at least it used to be good here..

last time i tried it, it couldnt calibrate properly although i was maxing my speeds..

also, it doesnt work for me that good because i have a various connection.. 100 Mbit/s to people from my town, 10 Mbit/s to people from nearby towns, 1 Mbit/s to the rest of the world.. how would it calibrate then?! if it could only ignore traffic to certain IPs..

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