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Speed for all torrents caps at around 30kbps?


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Speed for all torrents caps at around 30kbps? No matter how many seeders I have i've never seen this speed go further than about 32kbps? I ran the speed tests, please see below:

Speed Test Result

dslreports.com speed test 2007-01-04 07:48:51 EST:

751 / 231 (Kbps)

(91.7 / 28.2 KB/sec)

Compared to the average of 80 tests from bigpond.net.au:

* download is 30% better, upload is 39% better


Am I doing something wrong or should I be doing something?


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yes, every torrent is a seperate swarm for itself.

and no, you can't "see" something like "what is this swarm speed set at?".

What you can see and what could give you an indication what speeds a swarm is capable of is the "Peer Download Rate" column. If you see a few other peers that show you their speeds in a 70kB/s range, than you can make some assumptions what the overall speed in the swarm might be. (Note that this values are not 100% accurate, because IIRC does µT only calculate this value from speed and ammount of the "have-messages" he get from other peers.)

as a rule of thumb: if you have choosen the correct value in CRTL+G, if your network equipment has no problems to actually flawlessly handle these values, if your ISP is not throttleing your traffic and if the overall swarm speed is high enough to max out your downloadspeed then you will see this happen!

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