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"No incoming connections"

Shahrose Khan

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ok. I'm doing it. but I think my problem is really common because it has happened to me like 3 or 4 times till now. but everytime, the torrent got back online with out me doing anything. It comes back sometimes in a day, sometimes in hours. I also asked for help the last time it happened and I also provided the info in the topic and that topic has disappeared now. let me see if I can find it, If i cant then I'll just follow the link and get you everything... Thanks for help so far.

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ah! I found it on page 10! here is all the info you ask for:-

There is a yellow triangle shown at the bottom bar of u torrent.

I'm using xp.

I dont have antivirus antispyware or anything like that but I doubt firewall.

I'll tell you my running processes if you think its necessary(wont it be hard to get it?)

My modem is from speedtouch and its model is "speedtouch 546 v6".

I'm in saudia and my isp is Awal Net.

My connection type is DSL.

my comp is pen 4, 256mb ram, 32 video card, 2.4 Ghz and anything else you want?

This is what the test says:

Your download speed is 13.274 kilo bytes per second (or 106.195kbps)

Speed is....

33.6kbps 33.6k modem download speed

56.6kbps 56.6k modem download speed

64kbps Single B-Channel ISDN

106.195kbps Your download speed

128kbps Dual B-Channel ISDN

150kbps 150kbps Video Stream

192kbps 192kbps 'near CD quality' mp3

300kbps 300kbps Video Stream

½mbps Bezeq's ½mbps ADSL deal

0.75mbps Bezeq's 0.75mbps ADSL deal

1.5mbps Bezeq's 1.5mbps ADSL deal

2.5mbps Bezeq's 2.5mbps ADSL deal

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i have been using µTorrent wor a while now and now for about the week been having same kind of problem as Shahrose Khan also using speedtouch modem strange tho is that emule is still working fine installed bit comet and it also works fine maybe it has something to do with ms frameworks cause thats the only thing i installed before troubles started?

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