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Unable To Forward Ports

Mr Paul

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Hi! I've been having issues with opening (or forwarding) ports so that the UTorrent can work well. The last time I had internet with a ISP I had no problems at all at downloading from torrent, but I have changed the ISP to a better one that gave me more speed and I also had changed the modem to an Aztech DSL600EU and I have run every test possible to have my torrent download correctly. I still get the small orange triangle that tells me that the are no incoming connections and that's why I'm not downloading at the speed I should. I honestly do not know what to do, I love downloading from the torrent and I'm not being able to. I phoned the ISP and they told me that since it's not a navigation issue they have all the ports open for that and that I should contact a technician if I wanted to see this resolved. The other thing they suggested was to contact customer support from the Utorrent page and this is the reason why I'm forwarding you my concern. Could you please help me? I would strongly appreciate it! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my question.


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