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How do I make torrents and put them up for others to seed?


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OK, thing is: I am new to this, almost. I have downloaded torrents for a while and not cared about others. Now I am a member of a private tracker where you get banned if you dont have a ratio of 0.5 and I am almost dead....

I have a folder called "downloads" where all downloads DC, etc are directed to. I changed the destination folder for torrents some time ago, and moved everything there, where I have folders like, music, movies, pictures etc.

So now when I click a torrent in utorrent and select the normal "open catalogue" (swedish) It says that it does not exist. Probably because the torrent file directs to %torrent% or whatever the basic folder is called.

I believe I have to change the path to the actual file, and I have no idea how this is done.....

Secondly, if I have a file, how do I make it a torrent for others to download? Right now, I think no one can download anything from me.

I know this is less than basic, but I am lost, and the guides does not help me at the moment. Can you guys help out? Or point me in the right direction?


EDIT: Messed up the headline, see it now

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OK, I am almost there now.... I am trying to seed torrents at a private site.

Here is what I have done: I have a folder (a movie and a picture) in my folder MMA film. I have created a torrent for the folder, and placed it into MMA film.

I have sucessfully uploaded the torrent file to the tracker.

I then deleted the torrent file that I had created.

I downloaded it from the tracker. Was not sure if I should choose "open" or "save" so I saved it into MMA film.

I BELIEVE that is the right way to go. Right?

I dont really understand the next step. What I did was doubleclick the downloaded torrent file and choose "open", now it shows up in my utorrent window as an ongoing download. But do I have to do this? Download my own file?

Someone wrote this:

"You have to open torrent in Your Torrent Client.

Lke if You wanted to download them - but if they are already on Your Hard Drive - Your Client will automatuicly start to seed previously uploaded torrent.


I did that. Mine says "downloading" but does not download, 0,0 and the infinity symbol shows. Is this the way it should be?

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"Is this the way it should be?"

no, it isn't. since you already have the content you must "tell" µT that you have it. you do that by stoping the torrent, choosing right click set downlaod location, pointing to where the content already is, and then do a force recheck, so that the availability meter in the general tab will rise from red to fully blue. Once it reaches 100% you can press start and µT will start seeding it.

the important thingy is the Force ReCheck in that case to make sure µT is really aware how much you have of it.

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