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With regards to my setting in uTorrent [ Options | Preferences | Queueing | Ratio Is <= xxx % ]. I have mine set somewhat higher than normal [ 200% ]. This way I know no matter what, I'm always sure that I've returned what I have taken from the the rest of you ppl! :)

Anyway, my simple question is, once it reaches its 200% marker [ 2.00 or higher ] and the torrent changes from Seeding to Finished, I'm assuming that since I shared so much the torrent w/ the world that other seeders will then take over the file distribution right? And once its "finished" and I've finished all my other seedings, do I need to change my ratio to higher and then stop/start everything again?

I'm just wondering b/c I have quite a few torrents [ which I'll admit I didn't share properly at the beginning, but now I'm getting there ], and I'm reaching my artificial 200% marker so when everything has "finished" what then? Do I need to change my Ratio Is parameter to another higher number? Or will the supply/demand still keep the seed going?

Just wondering, thanks! If I confused anyone, my apologies... I'll try to clarify it more...

Thank you!

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Either your "finished" torrents will continue uploading at your normal max upload speed limits, or you've set them to slow/stop using the additional settings below the ratio setting.

You about have to manually start and watch an old torrent to find out if there's no other seeds on it. If seeds show up as available (but won't connect to you because you're a seed) then you can stop that torrent and know that at least for awhile (maybe a day or more?) it is probably seeded just fine.

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