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high cpu usage from hardware interrupts when using utorrent


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hi all,

i keep having high cpu usage occasionally when i run my utorrent.

i already read the FAQs and non of those softwares are installed on my computer.

i used the process explorer, and notice that the cpu usage are due to hardware interrupts which almost usually takes up 95-99% cpu.

so is utorrent causing the hardware interrupts, as i do not have this problem when my utorrent is off.

need your advice and thanks in advance


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but the hardware interrupts problem do not occur when utorrent is not running, and those are running.

currently my utorrent program is installed in C drive while i am downloading to be stored in D drive.

do u think this might be the cause of the hardware interrupts? maybe something like needing to transfer from C to D drive when utorrent is actually downloading to C drive first?

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I have exactly the same problem.

Hardware Interrupts sometimes take as much as 50% cpu when utorrent is opened.

As soon as utorrent is closed, it goes back to 1-2% cpu.

Also if i reboot my computer, the problem seem to be gone for a while even with utorrent opened.

I do not have this problem all the time, sometimes a week can pass by without this problem occuring once.

I'm really clueless as to what causes this.



edit: i found a very interesting post on another forum:



utorrent ON:


utorrent OFF:


I killed ALL non essential processes for those 2 shots, which clearly shows it has something to do with utorrent.

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It could be that your network card, Harddrive or another hardware component that µtorrent somehow uses is causing a conflict with other hardware. It could be a component that another applications also uses but that µtorrent uses a lot more intensive (NIC and Harddrive).

When I see "Hardware Interrupts" I think of IRQ and the conflicts I've had with IRQ's in the past.

Besides for the sake of ruling out possibilities I'd like to recommend Ultima's suggestion. Stop any unneeded process/service to make sure its not a combination of µtorrent and another application that causes the problem.

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For me, the culprit was the java updater (jusched.exe) and ocassional javascripts. Turning off that POS java updater was one of the best things I have ever done for my machine. I can live with the brief flurry during the running of javascripts from web pages, unless they continue to interfere when a page is left open. Sadly, since not one browser has an on/off button for javascripts on the toolbar, it's a real pain to do so. Permanently turning off javascripts in the browser is an option though, not much of one since every frickin' html codebot is having a love affair with that crap. :rolleyes:


The above fix was short-lived but, will be kept. What a surprise. I just discovered something that may be self evident to many others.

If the boot/system drive isn't configured as the master of its IDE channel, it will continually revert to PIO after being set to DMA (Windows 2000 in this case, probably the same in XP ). I pulled my hair out over this for a while because I didn't realize that I had plugged my drive in as the secondary device using cable select.

Making the switch fixeded it gud!

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