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Utorrent keeps changing nat from yellow to green and back.


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Utorrent keeps changing nat from yellow to green and back.I have been using torrents for years and have forwarded the port as i always did.Upnp is disabled both in utorrent and in the router.

When i check with the http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=5xxxx site it always says ok,whether the speed guide icon is yellow or green.

The change does not have any consequences on speed or connections, the only thing it affects and i notice is that icon,which

sometimes inbetween the changes disappears completely for a few minutes.This problem is rather weird,almost as the problem that my router sometimes when using bittorrent stops working(no connection and no response to ping) until restarted.

Anyway: Im using a level one w-lan adapter and a speedport w500v.

I have zone alarm pro 6.5 installed on windows xp pro sp2 with the windows firewall turned off.

Also use Mcaffe virusscan.

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My isp denies that and i personally certainly don't use one...

Anyway as i said before non of that actually has a negative effect on my ability to download or on my download speed.

The reason i made this remark is pure interest and the will to understand the software i use.

Since i 've had this "trouble" with utorrent not really knowing what the nat status is i noticed the above mentioned things:

First utorrent sometimes switches back n forth between green and yellow no matter if portprobe claims that everything is ok.

Second to that i noticed that portprobe is also giving me "wrong" results when utorrent claims nat is ok(green) by clearly stating that the port is 'stealth'(red).Thought of proxy problems myself so i specifically asked my isp about that.

All this is just very hard to comprehend for me as i can not find any reasonable explaination, mainly because all this does neither affect my ability to connect to trackers and other members of the swarm nor my dl or ul speed which are always perfect.

Anyway I would be real glad to continue this conversation...

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I'm sorry switeck but i didn't completely understand what you mean. I guess that in your opinion it's portprobe getting connection attempt failing or no reply was sent when attemting to reach port 5xxxx that is listed in the URL(to answer Ultima's question).In case that was what you meant i think it only solves what is described in my 3rd post but not my first question...

Thank you people for discussing this with me.

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