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O.k. I have opened up ports a million times before. For bearshare, halo and etc. I used to have a Linksys, but like a week ago i switch to a Westbell router I still have the same internet and everything. Actually i had the westbell before like a year ago then switch to Linksys now back to Westbell. When i type in i put my password and username but it doesn't work anymore.

So i put uTorrent on port 3646 becuase that is the port i used for bearshare and its open. But when i test it with uTOrrent its closed and when i test port 3646 with another program its open. Can it be becuase its only open for bearshare.

Is thier any port that i can put for uTorrent that is atomitcally open without doing anything,

If not is their a program out there where i can put the port i want to open and for which program and the program itself will go into the router setting and open it up for me.

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Call up Verizon and ask them how to configure it then, or email them, or check their website.

You just need to tell them you need to forward a port to use a program, they need not know whether the program is an instant messenger, game, file-sharing, virtual private networking, or VoIP.

...after all, you may need to do the same for other programs in the future!

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