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Windows 2000 related problem: torrent files overwritten


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I can't exactly describe what happened.

I made a clone of an NTFS 120 onto 160 Seagate.

On a bootup I got an error message about bad files (not specified) and

that Win2k would fix them. It ran some stuff and when I rebooted my

torrents list in utorrent was gone. The rest of the programs on the

drive are ok and it loads, but loads an empty utorrent.

I could not find a *.tor file anyplace on that disk.

How can I do a file by file reconstruction of utorrent on the disk

that is working from the one that's not? My other issue is not being

able to reclone the drive because of a size differnece. I am going to have to format and partition a large drive to be useable as a clone

for Win2k.

The utorrent directory does not have the torrent files or the downloaded

stuff in there. I think the download files are ok.

What I need is to reconstruct the torrent files used by utorrent in the

download routine.

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Overwritten, no. Deleted I think. Because the torrent info in nowhere

to be found. *But* I also cannot find torrent info on the working drive either.

I am setting up Win2k for the first time and only for the larger file size

which win98 cannot handle.

I will try the guide thing for moving torrents from Bitcomet to utorrent.

But here is the troubleshooting problem at hand:

What I want to do is capture the info needed from one application to floppy

of utorrent to another hard disk with the deleted info and replace what

was lost.

This is a brute for problem and what I could not find was any torrent info

at all to mirror from.

Where is the torrent directory?

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