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Upload speed limited


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Hello all,

I want to use my bandwidth to help share but I can not get an upload speed over 100 kB/s. I have set my upload and download to unlimited but the upload speed will climb to 100 and level off around 98 kB/s.

I have a p3 1133 running XP pro SP2 with all updates. A d-link DGE-530T NIC (1 gig/s) into a d-link DGS-108 gigabit switch, A D-link DGL-4300 Gigabit router with port forwarding set up. My ISP is Rogers Cable, Hi Speed Extreme and I get 6000 down, 800 up connection speeds. (All drivers and firmware updated, TCPIP patched) I had the same problem with a SMC barricade router but it died just before Christmas so I replaced it with the fastest gaming router I could find.

My utorrent settings are;

UPnP: off

DHT: Disable

max up: unlimited

max down: unlimited

Global max connections: 1000 (Tried 100 up to 4000, no difference)

Max peers per torrent: 90 (Tried 50 to 400, no difference)

Max upload slots per torrent: 5 (Tried up to 200, no difference)

Max active torrents: 15

Max active downloads: 10

net.max halfopen: 8

net.wsaevents: 6

rssupdate interval: 15

guiupdate rate: 1000

bt.connectspeed: 20

peerlazybitfield: true

The processes running are utorrent, AVG free, Windows firewall, Spybot resident shield. I tried it with AVG Free and Spybot off, no difference.

I have seen download speeds from some peers over 250 (download for me, upload for them) and think I should be able to do the same. Any ideas on what is limiting my upload speed?

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800 kilobits/sec upload speed is only 100 KILOBYTES/sec theoretical max, not USEABLE max. Useability-wise, it might only be 80-90 KILOBYTES/sec.

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/1mbit speed setting...and reduce the upload speed slightly if need be.

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