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Utorrent Problem


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My old computer only had like 7 gigs on it and like 5 of it was used for programs that were a must. Because of that I could only load a couple of episodes of anime at a time. After I got my new computer it had 80 gigs on it. Because it had so much I download Utorrent and download over a hundred episodes of anime at one time. My hard drive dropped to like 20 gigs. I didn't wanna use it all so I left it at that.

In almost a year I watched all those anime and then deleted them. Now here's my problem. Whenever I delete the anime (right click --> remove --> remove torrent + data) it doesn't go to the recycling bin. It just gets taken off of Utorrent. Now at the start I didn't really notice because I was still downloading a lot of stuff for my computer. But later on I checked my hard drive and noticed it was pretty low. I started deleting some stuff from Utorrent and checked my hard drive right after but the hard drive space didn't change at all. I tried searching my computer for the files and I tried to delete Utorrent. Nothing works. So my question is: What should I do? Where are all those files that I deleted? And how do I recover all that lost Hard drive space?

Someone told me to erase my Norton Protected Files. How do I do that?

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