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Curious (Download speed issues)


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I've tried everything in the "read this first" topics in the past, and now I tried most of them again just to make sure.

My ISP is Rogers (Canada). I know they throttle (Azureus doesn't work for me at all). This is my average down/up from 7 tests:

Down: 500 kB/s | 4000 kb/s

Up: 68 kB/s | 544 kb/s

My collective downloads max out between 30 and 40 kB/s (and right now they barely hit 10 kB/s out of two torrents). I'm using the xx/512 option in the speed guide. I'm also using UPnP port mapping and μTorrent reports it's working correctly. I've set it to choose a random port and then map it. UPnP port mapping is enabled on my router (Linksys BEFSX41 ver. 2). Before someone recommends to not do that, I should say it's something I just changed and it's (a little bit) better.

Now I'm curious about the speeds, because in some cases my upload speeds are higher than my download and the download speed per connection per torrent is something less than half a kB/s.

I can live with this but it seems I can't really maximize my download speed unless there are several thousand seeds or peers.

Anything else I can try?

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Assuming you have protocol encryption enabled, there's not really much you can try, since Rogers is definitely known to throttle. The only other real solution I can offer is that you switch to Bell Sympatico if possible if you really need to use BitTorrent ;\

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