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Very Slow speed! 9kps up and only 5kps downloading at best


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Hi I have just downloaded utorrent and after figuring out how to open a port I thought my problems would be solved, but alias they are not!!

I have very slow speed and most of the time I stop downloading altogether even though I have the green tick at the bottom and the blue download arrow.

I have adsl broadband, when I hold my mouse over the icon at the bottom right hand corner of my screen (the 2 computers talking icon) it says I have Speed: 100.0Mps. On my isp webpage it shows dsl connection rates:

Downstream: 1536 Kbps and Upstream: 128Kbps.

When I did the speed test through utorrent - I get 358kb/s download and 76kb/s upload speed.

My Utorrent speeds are 9kps up and only 5kps downloading at best with 4 (8) seeds and 33 (230) peers for a 3 episode download, at this rate it will take a week and 3 days to download.

Could someone please let me know what I can do to get this faster?

I have just noticed another problem...my green tick changes to the orange triangle !, even though I have opened my port , the portfarward.com site said it's still closed. Please answer this one in my other thread. Cheers

Anyones help is greatly appreciated!

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Thanks ultima, I did do the xx/128k after I saw your post.

I had to actually upgrade my broadband but the best I can get is 1500k/256k as we don't have the best broadband here in australia out of the cities.

I am still having very slow download speeds, I upload quicker then I am able to download. My port is open and I have made utorrent available in norton so I don't know what else to do. My current download speed is about 14k.

Please help me someone :)

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Hi Ultima,

I have gone through all of the steps mentioned in your guide. The torrent you suggested to downloading at an average of 19kB/s which is better then the rest.

I have noticed a few things in utorrent that may be able to help someone smart figure out my problem...

-All my download arrows are red or grey - even my only completed download that is being used for uploading

-For each torrent, my tracker status says Proxy Connevt error: offline (timed out)

-I don't have any swarms for seeds it will say Seeds: 6 of 7 (0 in swarm) peerss: 1 of 36 connected (0 in swarm) , wasted: 144kB (0 hashfails)- this if for the slackware-10.2-iso

My port is open and not being firewalled. I have the green tick in utorrent.

I have completed all the recommendations listed in yor help guide

My modem is D-link DSL-302G generation II, adsl broadband internet connect speeds - dl-205kbps ul-47kbps at the moment, but this was trippled earlier (I had a couple of speed tests come up with the message, isp upload compression was detected, your upload speeds may be inaccurate)

System - HP Pavilion, Intel, Pentium D CPU 2.66GHz, 2.67 GHx, 1.00GB of RAM and 140gb hard drive. I have also added my 60gb hard drive from my old computer. I am running XP media centre and have norton internet security 2006/2007

my utorrent speed guides are set up at xx/256

my internet connections seems to be much slower also, but I have ran the patch and made the changes so it might be just me hating our slow internet in australia. I am with optus.com.au and they were not on the throttle list.

I hope I have included all useful information for someone to know if there is a problem with my set up.

I have just noticed my download speeds are much faster then my upload speeds most of the time. but the highest download speed I have seen is about 36 kB/s

My download speed above is taken at the same time as the speed test results up higher in this... does this mean it will be even better once I don't have the compression thingy happening? And how do I get rid of the compression ?

Thanks guys for your help, it must be frustrating when a laymen comes along :)

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Now my internet connection is really slow - I can't get my internet speeds like they were before I did the patch and actions from your list. - how can I get my internet back to it's speeds?

When I have utorrent closed, I get internet speeds of 900kb/200kb

When I have utorrent opened, I get internet speeds of 70kb/28kb - and the compression warning

How do I fix this?

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I think you are right, I had speeds last night, but now that I am in the middle of the 'peek internet usage period' I can't download anything, for torrents that have over 60 seeds I thought I should at least be able to download that.

all my torrents are blocked out as red - doesn't that mean they are not available? is that what optus would have done or is there something else that blockes them out?

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