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Unable to download


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I have joined utorrent today, and im having big problems. Please Please could someone help.

Everything seems fine until I press the download button.

I download the file ok and when I press OK its sent to u.torrent 1.4

when it gets there where the name of the movie is shown, it goes from a blue triangle to a red circle with a white line through it. Please can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong and how to make it work. Im pretty new to all of this and Im really cheezed off now.

Many many grovelling thanks


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I hope you didn't pay for this "service", as µTorrent and this message forum is FREE to use.

Firstly, v1.6 of µTorrent is out. Try using it instead.

Your connection and/or computer is firewalling µTorrent in some way, possibly more than one...being that's something outside of µTorrent, changing settings IN µTorrent won't fix it.

It's also possible the torrents you're trying to get are removed/banned on the tracker they were on.

Have you tried the Open Office TEST torrent to rule out specific torrent and specific tracker problems?

What's the speed of your connection both down AND up?

What settings are you using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Have you changed any advanced settings?

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Hi Thanks for your reply, and No I didnt pay for uTorrent, just for the movie service.

Have downloaded version 1.6, still the same problem, when the movie title shows on the screen and I highlight it, it says Hostname not found and then when I look under logger, it says Unable to Map UPnP Port - whatever that means.

I have not changed any settings whatsover, just downloaded utorrent as is. You ask if Ive tried the Open Office Test torrent, No I havent, I wouldnt know how, and when I try to get the speed settings by pressing CTRL+G nothing happens, sorry to be a pain, just dont know what to do

Please Help


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