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re dropped Internet Connection


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Hi All

I have been using ABC for a while but suffered Dropped Internet Connections and wanted to try a different Torrent program. I saw UTorrent was recomended so I tried it.

I am very pleased with it but my connection still drops out so it obviously my low life scum ISP provider causing problems to p2p users. It NEVER drops 'out' while not using p2p !

My question is can utorrent be set to reconnect / reset itself once the connection has been lost ?

My PC Imediately reconnects the 'dropped' connection but the torrent downloading stops and you have to pause or stop it and then restart to get downloading again. So obviously if you go out or leave it your wasting your time because at some point the line would have dropped and stopped the download. VERY annoying !

Also can utorrent be set to shut down your PC once downloading has finished ? If it can I can't find the setting anywhere.

Many thanks



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