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Port forwarding in utorrent


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I've been torrenting for a number of months but I've never gotten

port forwarding straight.

I've printed out all the portforward.com info.

It may be the Actiontec router I got from the ISP that is causing

problems and how their interface works for setting up or the ISP

may have some controls on it.

Anyway, I get to the last page about port ranges and such and

don't know what to do. Inferring things from the tutorial at portforwarding has done no good. I must not be very intuitive.

So for all those reasons my portforwarding remains not set up.

I have no external dynamic DNS services free or otherwise to establish

seeding either. I'm still at square one.

Perhaps some here can help in a step by step manner.

Please don't send me to the haystack. Being sent to the haystack means

writing down a link here and expecting me to find the needle.

I can only do this as I would do a trouble shoot with question and answer since I've tried everything else.

To review: I have the portforwarding.com info printed out. I know how to request ipconfig. However I do not have the port range or other

configs completed.

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Unless somebody has your exact router and can help you there is no way we can prevent you from searching for the needle. We can only help you narrow down in which haystack you have to search... and we can only hope the haystack is small.

Basically you need to login to your router. You need to find the part that allows port forwarding. It has different names in different routers. "Virtual Servers", "Open Ports", "NAT Setup" those kinda things you should look at. Then you need to fill in the port you set in µtorrent and the IP of your computer (using ipconfig you can find out your IP).

It is advisable to setup a static IP otherwise you might end up having to edit the portforward with your new IP every time it changes.

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Ok to review a bit, though I'm still knocked out about this:

the Bittorrent port range is 8100 something to 8200... I'm just doing this from memory. So that range is put in the setup.

I just set up utorrent with the help of a guide I found:


which gives the program settings and I did those rote... just copied

them in.

That leaves the ip address and the static address which still confuse.

I wish there was a way to take a screen shot at port forwarding.

I'm currently using Win2k.. any help with that here?

Lastly, I was shopping for a new ISP because I think I'm getting

throttled pretty badly since a new management took over my

service. A different ISP shows that a static IP address would cost

$44/month. How outrageous is _that_?

A lot of questions remain. Many people are further along on this than

I am.

My router is an Actiontec GT701. This was supplied by the ISP.

It has one connection for ethernet and one for USB.

On my setup, the ethernet line goes to a switch box from Linksys and

there are three computers connected. The switch does not provide a

network, but it does provide access for my 3 machines to access the

dsl line.

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Go here http://portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Utorrent/Utorrentindex.htm and select your router. It's a fairly simple walkthrough let me know if you need any help.

The best thing to do though would be to log into the router and look through every area you can in the configuration and search for a way to enable unplug and play(UPnP) then uTorrent can do the forwarding for you every time.a

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µtorrent only uses one port. So you don't have to map a range just the one port. This is the port you filled in under 'Port used for incomming connections'.

Your computer and your router use two different IP to communicate then your router and your ISP/the internet. The static IP refers to your computer. Not the internetside IP of your router.

Besides ISP pricing differs a LOT from country to country and even within the US prices vary a lot from area to area. So its no use asking us if your price is reasonable. I can tell you in the Netherlands pretty much every broadband ISP provides a static internet IP to its customer. And the prices range from € 10 to € 80. (I myself pay € 25 for 12000/1024 ADSL2)

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