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First time user HELP!!!


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I have downloaded and saved Utorrent 1.6 on my desktop. However, when I try to download torrents, they are all showing as inactive and the status is showing as downloading but everything i've attemtped is just sitting there on 0%

I have followed the manual and setup guide to a T, but still no luck. My upload speed is about 627 kbps and I divided that by 8 to get about 78 kB and my download speed is about 1644 kbps which I also divided by 8 to get KB. I have entered all info in (option/speed guide/connection type/use selected Speed)

I have also played around in the options preferences and connection, bit torrent, but nothing seems to work. I am still seeing my torrrents as inactive and sitting at 0% but the status shows as downloading.


I'm not very computer litterate so please dumb down any advice and info.


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