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upload speeds not very good


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I just can't seem to figure out how to get some decent upload speeds when seeding. I'm using the utorrent v1.6 client and I'm getting the green light on vertually all of the torrents I download or upload, but for some reason, I just can't figure out what I've got to do to get decent upload speeds for seeding my torrents. The peers who hook up with me don't seem to stay hooked up very long (probably because of the paultry up speeds). I'm currently using a linksys BEFSR41 cable router with 4 port switch, and am hooked up to Comcast as my ISP. I have a three computer home network set up, and have my port forwarding set up correctly on all three computers. I'd sure like to get some help getting things worked out so I can uplaod with better speeds. Any help I can get would really be appreciated.



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