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Offline (timed out) seeds and downloads


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I have just started to have this problem. This started with no changes to any programs or hardware. I have searched the forums for answers, and followed all the instructions to try and fix this problem. When i shut down utorrent and re-open, some of the downloads and seeds go in the blue and green, but in a few minutes, they all go to the red. I am becoming impatient with this problem. I have followed the utorrent troubleshooting tips and the tips in the forums, and nothing!

This happens with all torrents.

Please, if anyone has any idea what to do i would love to hear it. At this point, I am ready to un-install utorrent and try another app. utorrent is the only app. i have used and i would like to stick with it.


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I'd suggest to do the speed guide and if that doesn't help try lowering the maximum number of connections to 50 or something but I assume you already tried that.

So I'm guessing your ISP is somehow throttling you. Are other people with the same ISP experiencing the same problem?

When the torrents go red does downloading/seeding actually stop? And is there a specific error message in the status column or in the logger tab?

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