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Upload speed erratic after completing download


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I'm having the same issue.

My upload speed is set to be a max of 20K when I'm downloading, but have a max of 40K when I'm only seeding. And, while I'm downloading, my upload speed seems to be pretty good.

But, as soon as a download completes, my upload speed gets very erratic and rarely seems to reach over 10-15K--and, sometimes, it just stops uploading altogether(!).

I feel bad about not getting back to at least a 1:1 ratio (if not more).

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

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Don't forget to have "Protocol Encryption", "peer.lazy_bitfield" and "Use additional upload slots if upload <90%" enabled.

Do you download from private or public trackers? These from private are often so well seeded that you can't get through with your (small) upload to the peers.

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My ISP doesn't interfere with bitTorrent with anyone I know, nor with any other p2p program (I always had constant upload with emule).

Also, I only have problems uploading only when downloads are stopped (either because it's finished or if I skip all parts). When it's downloading upload speed is constant.

Protocol Encryption is enabled

peer.lazy_bitfield Is True

"Use additional upload slots if upload <90%" Is Checked.

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